About us

Since 1986 the family concern Ruud Borst Transport has stood for reliability, flexibility and honesty.

Our guiding principle: to be a trustworthy partner!

We would like all our clients to be regulars. And we do our very best to that end. To maintain this relationship, we promote honest and open communication. ‘We do what we say’ is our motto.

What’s important to us... is important to you too!

For instance, aura and attitude. Our perception is that a cared-for appearance and a properly-maintained fleet are just as important to our clients as to us. At Ruud Borst Transport, reliability, flexibility and honesty are paramount.

Familiar with European transport

Things work a little differently in different places. Our import and export specialists know the transportation rules at home and abroad. To fulfil our agreements, we ensure we are always up-to-date on the European legislation for transport services. Where necessary, we work with reliable transportation partners.