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Daily from the Netherlands to Germany and vice-versa
We specialise in groupage consignments between the Netherlands and Germany, particularly in the North Rhine – Westphalia region. We load consignments daily in these areas, to be delivered to their destination the next day via our secure warehouse in Lopik. You can also call us for all European locations.

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Daily groupage consignments
between the Netherlands and Germany

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You can approach us for all your logistics issues. We have an extensive network, qualified, involved drivers and a safe fleet. We will work with you to find a suitable solution. Our team is dedicated to the best possible and most long-lasting cooperation. You can count on that.

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Ruud Borst Transport is a family concern. Ruud and Willemien Borst have been at the helm since 1986 and are now assisted by their three sons, each with their own duties. Together with the planning staff and the drivers, we have years of experience in transportation for trading companies, sea and air forwarders, the industrial sector and every other client with a logistics dilemma.

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